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Chesed is a foundation of Judaism

so Why Do we need to mandate it?

Chesed hours should be
used for chesed

Chesed is something students should want to do, not something they are forced to do.  Sometimes students need a push and mandating chesed hours does help students gain an appreciation for doing chesed. But all too often, students look for the clever way out by finding a way to "get more hours" than they deserve.  We want to instill in every student a love and passion for chesed so that chesed is something your students want to do, not something they have to do. We've created a program to do just that.

You provide the hours, we provide the program

We're all about impact. We are focused on creating inspiring programs that resonate with students and educators resulting in student engagement and action.  If you could connect with every student individually and work with them to create a meaningful and lasting connection to chesed and community service, would you? Of course you would.  That's exactly what our program is designed to do.  All we ask is that you provide chesed hours for students who enroll in our program.  We will take from there. Our goal is to change chesed from being a chore to being infused in every student's core.

infuse chesed with meaning

Our 6 Session virtual program is built around our core social impact curriculum and interactive online social entrepreneurship programs designed to help students find that thing that they are most passionate about and turn it into a meaningful chesed opportunity. If they are not so inclined, we will provide ideas and inspiration as well as opportunities for them to work with other students on projects as well as promote in-school chesed involvement making them feel more connected to their school.

What We Do

all the lifting

Our team will run the program from beginning to end so you don't have to. It's like have a dedicated programming  staff and educators for free!

mentorship and guidance

Our experienced educators and inspiring mentors are focused on insuring that students are engaged. We help students identify their passion and how to create chesed opportunities 
around it.   

tracking and reporting

We monitor student 
engagement throughout the program and provide you with all the details. No more signing off on hours.

Virtual Learning 

Our core program is virtual.  It's designed to facilitate dialog and interaction with others generating 
excitement and motivation to get involved.

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be in touch. Let's do away with mandated chesed

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